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The Bus

We wanted to find a vehicle that would feel like home and make van life doable for us. While shopping, we were looking for a vehicle that would fulfill a few of our basic requirements including: a vehicle cheap enough to fit our rather small budget, ceiling height that we can comfortably stand in, and something big enough for us both to live in full time.

After months of searching for the perfect vehicle, we found our current bus by pure luck at a local canoe shop! It is a 1998 Chevy G3500 short bus with 95,000 miles at the date of purchase. We bought it for $3,000 and spent another $2,700 in maintenance work to make it reliable on the road. We recognize that our older bus isn't perfect, but it is perfect for what we need. We strive to promote that van life isn't about the type of vehicle you drive, but about the places you go and memories you make in it!

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