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The Greenhouse

We knew we wanted a spot to be able to keep all of our plants and we wanted them to be able to get enough sunlight from the windows. Blake created a little greenhouse indent into the kitchen area for all of our plants to line up along the window.

Shoe rack & Stairs

Our shoe rack is something we debated on for a while and ultimately decided to put one in. We knew we would need to

bring a lot of shoes for all of the activities we'll be doing on the road, and we knew they would take up a lot of space. With the shoe rack, we'll be able to store them more compactly and keep them organized and out of the way. Now that we're building more specific storage spaces, we're learning to utilize all of our space as effectively as possible for our lifestyle.

The staircase is made out of ceramic tiles for the floor and recycled pallet wood on the sides. We wouldn't necessarily recommend using tile for the stairs because we already have a few cracks in it.

Front Door & Surrounding Area

We changed the front door from two swinging out from the middle, to one solid door the swings from the right side. We welded the 2 together with some scrap steel and put a deadbolt on the left side for us to be able to lock it.

The front area consists of pallet wood lined along the front to continue the look from the ceiling. We also have a little shelf for our books and a candle. To the right of that, we have two hooks where we usually keep our grocery totes and a jacket or two.

Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table is made out of a 24"x36" piece of wood that we stained and glued a map of the United States onto. It screws onto a pipe that is attached to our couch and when we are not using it, we can unscrew it and slide it under the bed. On the map, we have an outline of our journey so far.

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