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Painting the bus was one of our most rewarding and time consuming projects early in our build. Agreeing on a color was surprisingly easy; we knew we wanted a darker matte color to make the bus look a little "tougher"... or as tough as a short bus can look.

We settled on a deep twilight blue with matte black trim.

To start the process we spent hours buffing off old reflector tape and the glue under it. Once all of the residue was off we power washed the bus, which was a great way to discover leaks and seal gaps that we had. We then sanded down the bus and rinsed it again. To seal our leaks we put Henry's Roofing Sealant on the rivets and seams on the bus roof.

To begin painting we taped off the bus which was by far the most tedious and exhausting process. We were then able to paint the black trim and once that dried

we moved on to the primer and deep blue. We used Rustoleum Protective Enamel for the trimming and Zinsser Cover Stain Primer and Valspar Duramax Exterior Paint for the deep blue. The project was relatively inexpensive, costing us around $200 in total. Our paint job was by no means perfect, but we were happy with how it turned out and the character that it's given the bus!

Bumper Extension

The bumper extension was made for our second form of transportation, the motorcycle. We welded on our 3 foot long back deck to the back of the bus. This deck will mainly be used to bring our dual sport motorcycle with us as our alternate mode of transportation when the bus ins't as practical. We will also be storing our bicycles on the back of the deck. While we are parked, we hope to use this space as a table or a deck to lay out on.

Outside Table

The outside table was a big priority for us because we want to be able to cook and hang out outside and not have to worry about setting up a fold up table everyday. The table is permanently mounted on the side of the bus and folds up and down as we need it.

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