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Our Solar System

Solar Panels

Starting on the top of the bus, we have our three, 100 watt solar panels from Renogy. We went with only 300 watts of solar because we won't have many appliances constantly draining our batteries. On the off chance we ever do need more power than what the 300 watts can provide us, we can just go for a drive and the car battery will charge our house batteries right up. Now that we have solar power we can be fully self-sustaining, this will be really helpful when we're parking in the backcountry for multiple days in a row.

Charge Controller

The Renogy DC to DC charger and MPPT Charge controler all in one is a sweet component to our solar system. We knew we wanted to be able to charge our batteries from the bus alternator and we also knew we had to get a MPPT Charger for the solar panels to charge the batteries efficiently. Renogy offers both of those components all in one! This system made everything a lot easier to install since this was our first time wiring up solar power.


We had a tough decision deciding what kind of batteries we wanted. The lithium batteries seemed like such a better choice considering they last almost 10 times longer than gel batteries. The only downside to lithium is the price. Being almost double the cost for about half the capacity. We ultimately decided on 400 amp hours of deep-cycle gel batteries because of our budget and plan of not living in the bus long-term. These batteries are 130 pounds each and take up a lot of space in the bus, so we decided to store them under our pullout couch where we won't need to access them very often.

Inverter/Breaker Box

After some trial and error, we settled on a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. This gives us enough juice to run our fridge 24/7 along with a few lights and charging our phones and laptops. From the inverter, we installed a 15 amp breaker into the breaker box before running the wires to our outlets. We have 4 outlets throughout our bus which is more than enough for what we need. It has been exciting to finally have consistent power in the bus. We're most excited to use this power in our kitchen so that we can use our blender and crockpot, along with our new fridge!

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