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Water Tank

For our water source in the bus we installed a 25 gallon water tank. We originally wanted to mount this tank on the underside of the bus, but once we saw the size of the tank we chose to store it under our bed instead. By keeping the tank inside it will also help with insulation so we won't have to worry about the water freezing if we travel anywhere cold. We chose a 25 gallon water tank because we plan to be in the city at least once a week during the majority of our travels and this amount should last us up to a week if need be.

Fill Drain

One of the scariest parts of installing our plumbing was having to cut a hole in the side of the bus for the fill drain. Our fill drain has a main fill hole for our water tank along with a hookup for city water which bypasses our water pump and goes straight to our faucet. We plan to rely mainly on filling up our 25 gallon water tank in the city and using it in the backcountry, however it is nice to have a city fill hole just in case

we stay at a campground or a friend's house. Under the sink, we have a 5 gallon grey water tank that we will be able to remove and drain whenever it gets full.

Water Pump & Accumulator

Our Shurflow water pump is how we get pressure from the water tank to the faucet. The pump is hooked up directly to the house battery, running on DC energy. It also has a switch and an inline fuse wired in for extra precautions. While the pump can stay on all the time and really only uses power when the faucet is turned on, we usually turn the manual switch off until we need to use it.

Within 6 months of living full time, we started having issues with the pump. From everything we read and what people told us, it turns out an accumulator is pretty necessary to take some pressure off of the pump.

Kitchen Faucet/Shower

We designed the kitchen faucet to also be used as an outdoor shower for our bus. We'll primarily use it as our sink, but on days where we can't make it to a real shower we can pivot the faucet head and extend it out of our window to become a showerhead. We do not have a water heater in our bus so we came up with a new function for the hot and cold valves of the faucet. Hot is for city water while the cold will come straight from our water tank. Luckily, we were able to reuse an old faucet that someone was giving away which helped us save money on this project.

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