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Passenger Seat

Since the two of us will be traveling long hours from city to city, we knew one thing we would need is a passenger seat up front with the driver. We wanted our passenger seat to be comfortable and close to the driver so we can keep each other company on our road trips. We found seats that had been removed from a minivan on Facebook Marketplace and decided that one would work great for the bus. It was important to us to find a seat that had an arm rest and could recline. We also wanted to make sure that the seatbelt was a part of the seat so that we wouldn't have to attach one to the bus. We were able to bolt the seat through all of our flooring and onto metal plates on the bottom side of the bus to make sure that it's safe and secure. The seat can make it a tighter fit to get in and out of the bus, but overall it works great for what we needed!

Bed & Couch

When constructing our bed frame we wanted to utilize

our space as effectively as possible. We wanted to have a queen bed in the bus, which we knew would take up a fair amount of our space. We chose to raise up our bed high enough that we can fit a lot of storage containers and equipment under our bed. We cut an access point in the front of our bed frame so that we can get to things that are under the bed from inside the bus and from the backdoor outside. Since we plan on using our bed as a lounging space as well we decided to build a slanted backrest at the head of the bed so that we can sit up in bed comfortably. We made this backrest its own storage area with hinges so that we can access it from the top.

Building the pullout couch was one of our more challenging projects to construct. We knew we wanted somewhere inside the bus that we could sit to work, eat dinner, play games, etc. We toyed around with different options like two chairs and a table, a floating ottoman, the couch, and more. Our deciding factor was that we wanted to have a guest bed option in case we had any friends or family come visit us. With this in mind, the pullout couch was designed so that we can pull the bottom out and use the back cushions as additional cushions on the bed. The bed is about the size of a twin mattress. We also put hinges on the back of the frame so that we could lift up the frame and use the inside as storage for things like our solar batteries and rarely used items.


The kitchen has been a big project for us. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful countertop made out of recycled pallet wood from our friend Timothy. Once we installed the sink we made a matching cutting board that rests on top of the sink. Under our counter top we have three drawers and two cabinets that will hold all of our cooking supplies and our grey water tank. We also have a mini fridge that has a small freezer.

Upper Storage

Designing and building our upper storage was a pretty simple project until it came time to mount them to the ceiling of the bus. We ended up getting some spring loaded anchors and drilled them into the metal ceiling which worked out pretty well and made it sturdy enough to put all of our clothes and other belongings in. We also hollowed out the cabinet faces and attached a burlap cover to them to add some character and make them more open.

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